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Press kiosks in Moscow can get the new format and investment support

On August 15, under the chairmanship of PDA President Dmitry Martynov, a meeting of the heads of leading press kiosk network retailers took place in Moscow.

The PDA workshop was attended by: Barinov G. V., General Director of "ARIA AiF" CSC; Golovanov M. N., General Director of JSC "Juzhnoje AP"; Kapustina E. G., Head of the Moscow city Department of Media and Advertising; Komissarova N. B., executive director of PDA and other experts Russian media market.

In his opening speech, Dmitry Martynov told the audience about the history of the idea of press kiosks in Moscow on the basis of commercial facilities for the sale of periodicals of a European model. He noticed, that the GC "Kardos' quickly developed, mainly based on the French model, manufactured and installed new modern kiosk at Kutuzov Avenue. At the same time, stressed D. V.  Martynov, in the opinion of many operators of the press market, this option needs to be improved, which should take into account the severe weather conditions in the capital.

Kapustina E. G. voiced the proposal of the Department of Media and Advertising in Moscow on the creation of a new press kiosk of a single format. According to the plan of the Department, this must be done in cooperation with advertising agencies. In this case, the city advertising agencies have the opportunity to advertise on the new kiosks, at the same time they become investors of kiosk project. Participants of the meeting actively discussed these proposals, as well as the mechanism of their implementation, the legal aspects of the creation of an updated press kiosk network in Moscow. 

Particular attention was paid to the problem of dislocation of the press kiosk network in capital.

Following the meeting, a resolution was adopted calling for the establishment of a working group to finalize a kiosk-based GC "Kardos" press shopping facility model with consideration to the climate of the city and the need to present in this shopping format goods and services of impulse demand to the public. The document provides for the involvement of the city advertising agencies in this investment project.

The participants of the meeting agreed to continue working on this issue at the next meeting.


A number of practical questions about the activities of PDA members in Moscow and support from the local government were also discussed on the meeting.