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Problems of Petersburg press distributors were commented by the Chairman of the Association of Press Distributors (ARPP) Alexander Oskin

Alexander Oskin, in a personal blog, commented on the situation in the press distribution industry in St. Petersburg. According to the Chairman of the PDA Board, the situation taking place - is neither more nor less than "the persecution of the free and independent press, presented in a free and independent newsstands in the city".

"The current Smolny headed for the gradual destruction of the system of distribution of printed materials, and this is not an assumption, but a historical fact," - said Oskin. He was referring to what the representatives of the association "Baltic press" said, who claim that before the 2015 the distribution market will be on the brink of destruction.

In his blog, Alexander Oskin described the legal delays that threaten not only the development but also the existence of newsstands in the city and it had been repeatedly reported by Lenizdat.Ru. "It is typifying, that in the era of the first secretary of the Leningrad party Romanov and until the time of Mr. Poltavchenko situation with the press kiosks in the city was much better," - said Oskin.

He also noted that by the number of stalls to the number of residents Petersburg lags behind Europe five times, from Chelyabinsk – four, from Yekaterinburg, Oriel, Krasnodar and Irkutsk - almost three times more and double from Moscow.


In addition, the Chairman of the PDA Board connected the spread of the death of the industry with subsidies for the periodicals that allocate Smolny. "This year, the city authorities decided to spend 118 million rubles to finance urban media - said Alexander Oskin. - Application filed 180 newspapers and magazines. Who gets the money in the end, it is difficult to say, but apparently, they will go to those who should get. There is an idea that publishers who receive subsidies from the government, do not require any distribution system, nor in the buyers of their products. "Oskin concludes that Smolny does not need a" free press "and the market system of distribution of periodicals." For the feeded media competition for the reader on the counter is just dangerous, "- he concludes.