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In St. Petersburg, more than 30% of newspaper kiosks can be dismantled

The reason - new rules for small-scale accommodation facilities.

More than 300 existing newsstands are agreed not to be included in the new layout of unsteady shopping facilities, said the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Press and Media Relations Alexey Vasilyev at a meeting with the directors of distribution companies last week.

This was confirmed to "Vedomosti" by CEO of the "Nick" company Elena Churkina, "Rospechat" CEO Natalia Saturnova and "Press" CEO Elena Saltykova. The representative of "Metropress", who was also present at the meeting,  did not answer to the request of "Vedomosti". The layout of objects in accordance with the decree of the government of St. Petersburg № 1045 from 27.09.2012, is working out the Committee for developing business and consumer market (KRPPR).

The document, which came into force on January 1, 2013, prohibits putting kiosks in the protected areas of utilities, sidewalks with width less than 3 meters, closer than 5 m from the pedestrian crossings. At the beginning of June there were 7307 proposals for inclusion in the scheme (including both existing and planned facilities), 947 of which - to implement periodicals, according to officials KRPPR in early summer. Lots of new targeted program will be allocated to the highest bidder. Do not agreed on 367 sites, for 185 of them refused, because of inconsistency with the protection zones of utilities, says the Saturnian.


In St. Petersburg, about 1,000 specialized stalls are selling newspapers and magazines, 150 convenience stores and 1,500 points of retail of chains and gas stations, argued before the Legislative Assembly deputy from the "Spraviedlivaja Rossia" Marina Shishkina. In accordance with the international standards there should be a newsstand for 1000 citizens in the cities, in St. Petersburg, this factor was less than 4-5 times, said Churkin. The market volume of distribution of periodicals Shishkin estimated at 5.1 billion rubles, kiosks accounted for 46% of sales of publications (in duplicate) in 2012.