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Businessmen in Samara are against the layout of street outlets

The participants of the "Samara Entrepreneurs" social movement came to the rally, demanding from the city administration to cancel the recently adopted layout of non-stationary objects of trade, reports "Samara 24" portal.

Just a reminder, among 2.2 million legally existing retail outlets of the city, only 94 addresses are included in the layout. The rest must be destroyed. According to businessmen, even now, many of the owners of the kiosks were refused to renew he expiring land lease contracts. From their point of view, such an approach is the elimination of local small and medium-sized businesses, and paves the way for large retail chains and monopolies.

According to "Samara Entrepreneurs" Chairman Ilya Genson, the owners of street outlets are looking for a compromise with officials and are ready to lead the outlets to modern appearance, elevate the surrounding area. However, this does not change the situation. In addition, according to the estimations of the social movement, 12 thousand Samara residents are at a risk of losing their jobs, as a result of the elimination of trade objects.

"The implementation of the decision will lead to the fact, that local producers of meat, bread, milk and other products will lose their points of sale, and it will lead to their bankruptcy," - commented Samara businessman Sergei Chernikov.


It is necessary to remind, that the owners of non-stationary shopping facilities in Samara required to include additional 133 addresses in the layout, in July this year.