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The pressure will be removed from kiosks

Ministry of Communications will see how regional governments provide people with newspapers and magazines.

Residents of Russian cities and villages will be provided with a fresh press. The head of the Ministry of Communications Nikolai Nikiforov has signed an order with recommendations for the support of the press kiosks for regional authorities. If you follow them, the availability of close-by kiosks will be provided in large and small cities and villages.

There must be not less than one kiosk in the city at least by 1.5 thousand people, in the districts - by 2.5 thousand. In communities with less than 50,000 people, a kiosk must be placed for every 4,000 residents, according to the ministry. Together with representatives of the printing industry, it will keep track of how recommendations are carried out in support of sales of newspapers and magazines, said Deputy Minister Alexei Volin to "RG", and publish information on the website the Ministry of Communications, in the media, reports must be submitted to the government and the presidential administration.

At the total closing of the kiosks the distributors are complaining for a long time. Now there are 31000 all over Russia. And if you draw a parallel with other countries, the figures are not in our favor: the Czech Republic, for example, there are 20,000 kiosks for 8.5 million people, in Poland 21000 for 9 mln, quoted the deputy head of the periodical press, publishing and printing of Rospechat Gennady Kudyj.

Kiosks are closed for various reasons. Somewhere by arbitrary decision of the authorities. And somewhere the business folds itself. For example, contracts for the installation of kiosks authorities often enter into short-term, and in this case it is unprofitable for  entrepreneurs to invest in their business, say Wolin. Ministry of Communications believes the permits to install a kiosk press should be not less than 5 years, and if there are no claims, automatically renewable. Approval procedure for kiosks set with local authorities is encouraged to be simplified. A rental charge within reasonable limits: no more than 30 rubles per square meter per month in cities over one million, no more than 20 rubles - with a population of 100,000 to a million, no more than 5 rubles - in small towns and villages. Open competitions for applicants for the installation of kiosks are recommended to hold. There is a demand for newspapers and magazines, and press distribution by solving problems, is a profitable business, according to Rospechat.

Ministry of Communications has also halve the number of fees for registration of mass media. In addition, the authorization procedure of distribution of the products of foreign publications are now not subject to state duty, which creates unequal conditions of competition. Ministry of Communications propose to take a fee of 6,000 rubles for state registration of foreign and domestic media, which are distributed across several subjects and abroad. The fee for the regional media may be three thousand. More likely, as now, the registration cost of advertising and erotic publications - 60 thousand rubles.