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PDA appeal to S. S. Sobyanin

Dear Sergey Semionovich,

We are appealing to you as a candidate for Mayor of Moscow to take measures for economic support of the  press kiosks in the city in case of your election.

Over the last 3 years the city administration has implemented a series of effective measures to support trade objects of the press in Moscow, so that the traditional system of press distribution through kiosks, in contrast to other cities and regions of the country, was saved. Muscovites and visitors have ample opportunities for access to the printed word. The number of the press kiosks in the city is about 3 thousand, and they sold 600 - 800 titles of newspapers, magazines and books. Press publishers and distributors of the capital are grateful to the city authorities for the support of the media industry.

At the same time, the press kiosks economy is rapidly deteriorating due to increased costs of maintenance of the press objects and the decline in sales due to the influence of the Internet. Citizenscontinuetobuypress, buttoalesserextent.

In this regard, we kindly ask you, Sergey Semyonovich, to take measures to further economic support of press kiosks by reducing the rent for the land and the introduction of incentives for electricity, as well as expanding the range of goods and services in the newsstands at the expense of more extensive presentation of the impulse demand goods, advertising, information, internet services, the implementation of transport season tickets, etc., if you’ll be elected the Mayor of the city.


Please treat this proposal as our electoral mandate.