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Russian senators want Google to amend user agreement so it complies with Russian Constitution

The Russian Federation Council said it accused Google of violating the Russian Constitution and existing law.

"We have found a huge number of violations in this sphere. It concerns our personal information, when we agree with the user agreements the company provides. And in this regard, it [Google] violates not only the existing Russian law but our country's Constitution as well," head of the information policy committee, Ruslan Gattarov, said at a meeting of the Upper Chamber on Wednesday.

Google also violates the European convention on personal data protection, Gattarov said.

"The main thing is that the constitutional right to privacy is violated. The agreement is composed in such a way that a person can not remove his personal information later from this service and that Google can give personal information to a wide range of third parties using exceptions to the rule," Gattarov said.

Gattarov said he proposed that the Federation Council in association with the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media and the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications convince Google to amend its user agreement so it complies with existing Russian law.

"This exactly what our colleagues in the United Kingdom, France and Germany do and we, as law-makers, will submit a bill in autumn, which will protect citizens' rights and their personal information more efficiently and consistently," Gattarov said.