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The Russian print media circulation continues to decline

The circulation of print media in Russia continues to decline - this conclusion can be made on the basis of ABC (Bureau of circulation’s audit) data, which were presented at the industry conference. The conference was called "The Russian print media market: The current situation and prospects of development assessment".

According to the document of ABC, the decline of the printed circulation of weekly national newspapers is between 6% and 9% (an average of 7, 5%). The exact percentage depends on the concrete edition.

Performances of the conference participants made it clear that the print media is now fighting for a place under the sun more than ever. Of course, it means that the struggle spread for a place in the advertising cake. A permanent decline of periodical’s share in the advertising budgets along with other factors is largely the result of bad transparency in this segment.

The problem of transparency can be solved with the help of circulation’s certification and the introduction of certified circulation data in the practice of advertising agencies. In this case, it is clear that auditors’ data will remain the main currency in media planning. But moreover a second coordinate is important for a more accurate orientation.