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The Runet regulator will blacklist the infected sites

Coordination Center for TLD engaged in cyber security.

Coordination Center for TLD (KC), the administrator of Domain .Ru and .RF, together with the large Russian IT-companies ("Yandex», Mail.Ru Group, «Kaspersky Lab" and Group-IB) have decided to create their own blacklist of sites with hazardous content: viruses, spyware or phishing software.

- With our system we hope to reduce the level of contamination of Russian Internet resources, said director of KC Andrei Kolesnikov.

According to the annual report of ANO "Coordination Center for TLD", released a few days ago, KC Council included cyber-security in the list of authorized activities of this organization. The budget for the 2012-2013 KC laid funding for this purpose in the amount of 20 million rubles.

As you know, on November 1 last year there is a single register of sites in Runet containing information, the dissemination of which is prohibited in Russia. The operator of this government blacklist is Roscomnadzor. It includes sites with child porn, calls for suicide and drug propaganda.

The creation and distribution of malicious software in Russia is also prohibited. Article 273 of the Criminal Code of RF provides a penalty for it - up to four years in prison, and in case of serious consequences - up to seven years. However, the list of contaminated sites have been created by the very IT-industry.

- Evolution of the registry, which leads Roscomnadzor, goes to the fact that there will be placed counterfeit movies and TV series. Next list will be further expanded, and if there will get malicious sites, I welcome it. Data base of KC can be attached to the official register as an add-on – said the director of the League of Safe Internet Denis Davydov.