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Print media market addressed to the President of Russia

Leaders of 55 publishing houses and periodicals sent an appeal to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, where they expressed their extreme concern for the future of print media distribution in Russia.

The appeal brings the fact that over the past five years, the amount of press stalls, which today are the main channel for sales of newspapers and magazines to the public, was dwindled from 42 thousand to 30 thousand in our country.

The pressure on retail kiosks in the regions is going on,  where local governments limit the range of press shopping facilities, increase their rents, electricity tariffs, etc. This kind ofpolicymayleadtothecompletedestructionoftheofretaildistributionofperiodicals systeminRussia, despitethefactthattodaywehavethenumberofstallspresspercapita muchlowerthaninEuropeancountries.

The publishers appealed to the President of Russia to give instructions to the heads of subjects of the Russian Federation and the Minister of Communications to take measures, aimed at supporting and developing the press kiosk networks, and to recommend to the legislature of the federal and regional levels to make amendments to legislative acts, that perpetuate the activities on the distribution of periodicals - status of socially significant services to the provision of appropriate facilities for distributors of print media.


Press Service of the PDA