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The Government will strengthen the piracy control on the Internet

Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinskij asked Vladimir Putin to support the bill on blocking pirated content by the owners. Market participants are concerned that the rapid adoption of the law will not let to complete it.

To support the bill allowingcopyright ownersto blockillegal contenton the Internet,asked VladimirPutin Minister of Culture ofRussiaVladimir Medinskijduring ameeting.

Medinskij said that the bill takes into account similar experience in other countries, "We're trying to pass the bill draft according to the American model under which the right holder has the option to block illegal content on the site where it is hosted. If this content is not blocked, then the system of heavy fines is turned on".

Vladimir Medinskij, who is the author of several books, said that he himself was often the victim of book pirates: "I myself, as a writer, became aware of it . Hardly had the book came out, as in a week time it was already on known sites, along with the illustrations. Until we begin to fight pirated content online, pardon the vulgarity, “no films on the screens”. Just as there will be no writers or composers to a large extent because illegal content online today is killing the authors", - said the head of the Ministry of Culture.

According to the minister, the discussion of the bill draft is going on for a long time, but it is not supported by the Ministry of Communications. Medinskij mentioned the reasons for not rushing to the Ministry of Communications with the approval of the project: they are afraid that there will be unscrupulous competitors who are illegally blocking someone else's content, pretending that they are the holders of the rights to it, and it will stop the fair competition and the development of the Internet.

"Let's suggest, that the site is nice, something is put on it, and I'm willing to do harm to this website, writing a letter: "You know, you put something that belongs to me, please block it all "- the minister has described the implementation of the scheme of unlawful interference with Internet content resources.

Despite such well-founded fears, Vladimir Putin said that they are not a sufficient reason for the slowdown in the fight against piracy: "Maybe there is something else behind it, but if that's all it is not a basis for not to introduce such methods to combat piracy", - Putin summed up the discussion.


Based on this statement of the head of state, experts predict that the draft law on the fight against piracy on the Internet will be adopted in the coming period, and this may lead to the fact that it will not make any changes with respect to items of concern of the participants of the book market

PDA press-service