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Muscovites can give orphans a subscription to the magazine

"Russian Post" announced a charity event to raise subscriptions to periodicals for orphanages in Moscow.

The invitation to participate in the action was addressed to managers of metropolitan companies. A proper letter was signed by Anna Alexeeva, the deputy head on commerce of the Moscow Inter-District Post Office number 4.

Directors of organizations are invited to "make a strong contribution in a variety of leisure activities for children without parental care and care from family and loved ones" and before June 15, 2013 adjust six-month subscription to 3-4 editions for orphans. The address list of children's homes and a recommended list of 43 items of children's and youth books with the cost of the subscription are attached to the letter.

Those wishing to take part in a charity event, please, contact by phone or send your request by e-mail. The names of benefactors are promised to be placed in the corporate newspaper "Mospochtamt" and on the website "Mail of Russia".