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The state support of the book business in 2013

Despite the crisis in the publishing business in Russia, state support for the industry, according to experts, maintained at a high level. Major funding comes from the federal program "Culture of Russia" and the Rospechat budget.

Sufficiently high level of state support for the book industry in Russia continues to persist in the current year. Publishing projects are funded in the framework of the federal target program "Culture of Russia (2012-2018 years)", also funds from the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications (Rospechat) are directed on the development of book publishing and promotion of reading.

In the framework of the federal program "Culture of Russia" in 2013, 150 million rubles from the federal budget will be allocated in subsidies to businesses (publishers) to support the publication of socially significant literature. It is planned to finance the publication of at least 550 titles of books. In the budget for 2013 the allocation of 158.5 million rubles is laid down for subsidies to help the implementation of social projects, producing publications for the disabled.

Serious money to finance various activities aimed to support book publishing is also made from the Rospechat budget, the agency traditionally spends money on the participation of the Russian publishing business in the international specialized exhibitions and fairs. According to information posted on the portal of public procurement, in the spring of this year, 54 million rubles has already been allocated for this purpose, further government funding will continue.

Various Russian projects and competitions also receive state support. The budget is funding All-Russia competition of young readers "Live Classics" (4 million rubles); All-Russian competition for the best work of literature for children and young people (7 million rubles);  series of "round tables", dedicated to the anniversaries of Russian writers and poets (2.5 million rubles); Chekhov book festival (1.5 million rubles); scientific and practical conference on the problems of the book market; the business forum "Knigabait"; the "University Book" competition, the book series of exhibitions for overseas compatriots, measures to promote reading in the regions of Russia and other projects.

The schedule of procurement budget planned by Rospechat is not yet published, but if estimated according to preliminary data, government funding of the book industry has increased compared to the previous year. In 2012, according to the schedule, it was planned to spend 115.7 million rubles for support of reading and publishing and by the end of April this year almost 87.8 million rubles has been spent, and it allows experts to talk about increasing attention of the public sector to publishing business in Russia.