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News 10 effects of the appearance of the main online store in Russia

Rumors were circulating for a long time, but now the case seems to have moved from the dead point: comes to Russia. Even the head of the Russian branch seems to be already known – it is the former CEO of "ABC, Atticus". The exact launch date of the project - and the extent of the company's presence in the domestic market - not yet announced.

What does all this(ifit's true) means?

1. What if the "Amazon" here will be a real, i. e. will trade not only e-books, but also physically, will build infrastructure - terminals, warehouses, he may be able to build better relations with "Mail of Russia" than, for example, "Ozone"? That is, you order a book published in Moscow in Vladivostok - and the next day it arrives: store is just there. It is hard to believe, but in theory it should result in just that.

2. There is a clear CENTER of book industry - the institution to which all market participants can navigate to - from readers to authors and publishers - in decision-making. An adequate rate of sales, the principle of pricing, reference prices and more.
3. "Amazon" gives impetus to the development of the publishers, who have another powerful tool for distribution of its products. Industry least revived - and the favorable development of circumstances begins to grow.

4. Kindlization of the country. Cheap prestigious gadget. Growth of reading.

5. The impulse for scribblers - that is, if political correctness is expressed, for authors with the active position, not wanting to be humiliated by the cooperation with professional publishers. You published yourself - and you sell yourself in a very central location - on the national "Amazon" (and not "somewhere", which is not the fact that someone will see you).
6. There is a serious competitive threat to online stores that focus on the books - "The Labyrinth», and more.

7. The Institute of Amazon readers review arises - it is one thing to write "out there", and the other - on the "Amazon", where you be read for sure. How many reviews of "Batman Apollo" are there now in "Ozone"? Well, twenty pieces. And here it will be two hundred, or even two thousand.
8. Problems for the pirates, if the "Amazon" is going to trade electronic content seriously, some of his tools (unfortunately) will allow closing the pirate harbor.
9. Quick access to foreign books (again - if the "Amazon" really line up the terminals, which will held and the European-American variety).
10. Availability of almost any book in one place with just a click. Everything - from smelling ink new products to the dusty volumes, that now you can find anywhere on the And this is probably the best.