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It’s projected to found an online library in the Moscow subway

Moscow city administration proposes to test the foreign students’ offers for reading popularity promotion.


The city authorities want to try out the project of American Advertising Miami School students in the Moscow metro, which is aimed at city's libraries promotion. This interactive campaign is built on the principle of consumption stimulation: smartphone users are offered to read first 10 pages of the book they want to for free. And after that they receive a city map with the nearest library mark, where they can find the printed copy of that book.


The campaign is designed for metro passengers, because a lot of people prefer to read in Moscow metro on the one hand, and it’s not so easy – Internet doesn’t work here – on the other. The technology is quite simple: posters that mimic the bookshelves are placed carriages. The smartphone ownera can download for free first 10 pages of any book from the shelf. This is to be done with the help of NFC technology (Near-Field Communication) – a wireless non-contact system that allows to exchange of data between two devices at a few centimeters distance. When the reader comes out of the subway, his phone shows him a map with the nearest way to library where he can borrow a book in the full paper version.