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Rambler left behind Twitter and Facebook: its conversion to the media sources is higher

According to the combined company Afisha+Rambler+SUP data, Rambler has overtaken Twitter and Facebook if speaking about traffic to the mass media web-sites in April.

The daily average number of transitions from to media sources in the "News and Media" rubric, totaled 408.9 thousand in April. By this indicator Rambler left behind all the social networks with one exception: the number of transitions from VKontakte was higher (603.9 thousand). Facebook showed 310.1 thousand transfers, Twitter – 220.2 thousand and LiveJournal – 88 thousand.


With all this going on, the level of traffic generated by social networks redistributed for the last six months: the share of invariable leader (Vkontakte) has decreased from 52% in September 2012 to 44.9% in April 2013, while media traffic from Twitter and Facebook has grown.


It’s necessary to mention that the new Rambler homepage represents the endless partners news bloc with automatic personalized filtering. It was launched at the end of last year and became one of the priority company’s services, while a number of others (Contacts, Maps, Avia, Dictionary, Photo etc.) have been closed.