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Only 10% of e-books are sold legally in Russia

According to the latest book market researches, only one in ten e-books is purchased legally through the Russian Internet. The other 90 percent are sold by pirates. It means that the e-book market in Russia consists of 90% illegal content.

The basic principle, which was used in research, is collecting pirate resources’ traffic information. It was supposed that about 50% pirate resources’ visitors download books.  The others just read reviews there and so on. Accordingly, in the paid segment the conversion can be roughly estimated at 5%-level (and it is a very optimistic estimate). So experts can calculate the market size. The calculation is based on the fact that the top players have 80%-share.

At the same time, according to Mary Nazamutdinova, the representative, paper books’ online sales are growing anyway: “Overall our book sales grew up by 30% in 2012, in regions the growth was even higher. Books make up about a third of sales. We are also developing e-books sales, which have grown three times over the last year".