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The PDA delegation visited the TWI Company (Karlsruhe, Germany) on a business trip

PDA’s delegation headed by D.V.Martynov, President of the Association, visited the TWI Company (Karlsruhe, Germany) at the invitation of German partners.

TWI is a leading provider of high-tech equipment for press logistics.

The company lines are installed at leading enterprises engaged in the distribution of newspapers and magazines in Russia. Among the most striking examples was the sorting complex AERO, which has been successfully used by JSC "Neva-Press" and "Media Distribution" Ltd. Leading subscription agency of Russia - Interregional subscription agency (MAP) is actively using another sorting line - TOP.

In the course of the visit, the delegation looked through the latest lines for processing of printed products, got acquainted with the structure of the company, and also visited the exhibition complex, which presents a range of TWI.

Special attention was drawn to the processing line of remitting runs Windows TOP, which can maintain only one operator, while at the same time, the processing speed of remission is three thousand copies per hour. Niels Bak (TWIs Sales Manager) underlined that Windows TOP does not require high skills and one can learn "in a few minutes." As an illustration of this thesis, the PDAs delegation successfully worked on this line.

President of the Association D.V.Martynov discussed the supply of TWI equipment to the Russian market with senior management of the company. He also congratulated Vibeke Ederhard (Managing Director of TWI) with the 30-th anniversary of the founding of the company and presented gifts.

PDA’s delegation visited one of the leading wholesalers in Germany - the Ihoton company, where they learn the structure of the company, discussed the problems of the Russian and German press market. Association Chairman A.V.Oskin held consultations with Ihoton specialists, received valuable information about the development of the media industry in Germany and a number of European countries.

The delegates made acquaintance with the press distribution of Frankfurt-am-Main, visited different retail points of press sales on transport hubs, busy city streets and in residential areas. Delegation drew attention to the new magazine Landluft, which is published in a million copies and is dedicated to the urban life in small towns. They found also interesting the fact that the press pavilions in Germany are now equipped with terminals for sending mailings of Deutsche Post and DHL.

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