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Pluses and minuses of kiosks for the city

Ukrainian journalists, discussing the fate of kiosks and stalls, highlighted the pluses and minuses of the stalls in the cities.

Thus, the positive factors of performance:
1. Part of the stalls has an important social function of accessibility of acquisition of essential goods for citizens.
2. Kiosks is a mobile business, that allows their owners to shift to a new product or service that meets the requirements of the market as soon as possible.

3. Kioskprovidesemploymentandtheprovisionofjobs.

However, we must pay attention to the negative factors.

1. If the kiosk is rented, the owner wants to make a profit, without asking who and why rent kiosks. So much of the kiosks is a retail point of dispensing and consumption of alcohol, or serve students sweetness of unknown origin without any certificate of conformity.

2. Illegally installed kiosks - is the shortfall of money in the city budget, because the fee for the land is not paid for years.

3. It is piling up for the city, because in many kiosks (including grocery) - is a large-scale unsanitary. The appearance of the stalls meets the definition of a "gray shack with a window."

4. Employment in the stalls - usually is a shadow, that is free of any social packages for workers.

5. Kiosk owners live for today. They are not interested in building shopping centers, not to mention simple: paint shop, clean and landscape the surrounding area.

As you can see, the negative factors are not in favor of interim facilities. However, the presence of positive features makes it impossible to completely abandon the use of kiosks in the city.