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The fourth day of PDA’s XXIV conference in Egypt passed with the motto “New ideas, new technologies”.

The session was opened by PDA’s Chairman of the Board A. V. Oskin, who presented the facts of successful business development in the media market in Russia and abroad. He noted that today the slogan - to change or perish, is relevant more than ever. But apart from the efforts of top managers in their area, the support given to the media industry by the authorities is of great importance.

The topic “Technology of increasing sales of printed materials in the FMCG networks» opened the commercial director of "Press Logistics" G. N. Prokhorov. On the example of his company he demonstrated the effectiveness of various stimulus measures, depending on the stages of the product life cycle. 

In his report "Media sites promoting in Internet, new ways to promote" made by video recording, the General Director of "Laboratory of the Future" M. Y. Krainov spoke about modern methods of achieving  maximum increase in site traffic, performance parameters of marketing campaigns in social networks, etc.

Director of the Department of Strategic Marketing of "Consult Center" T. V. Tsybina presented a report: "Prices, sales of printed media in kiosk networks and self-service stores. Comparative analysis and trends". In this report she described and commented on the basic price trends in the printed media market in Russia.

At the end of the plenary session of the conference participants said happy birthday to Vladislav Gaydetski, commercial director of ARPI "Siberia". President Dmitry Martynov handed a souvenir - a product of Egyptian artists to V. Gaydetski.

The fourth day of the PDA’s conference was completed with a roundtable "Supermarkets - as a tool to save the print media. Problems and trends". The session was lead by the general director of "YugMediaPress" V. V. Holodnyak.

Press Service of the PDA