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The second Day of the PDA conference In Egypt was dedicated to marketing problems in printed media market.

The session was opened by the Chairman of the Board of PDA A. V. Oskin. He noted that in difficult operating conditions of printed media in Russia, competent use of modern marketing tools in the promotion of newspapers and magazines on different channels of distribution of media is of great importance. The Russian market is far behind the advanced progressive practices in this sphere abroad.


In his video address to the participants of the conference, G. N. Kudyj, Deputy Head FAPMK presented a detailed analysis of the market of printed media, the basic trends in publishing and distribution, problems of media digitalization, advertising market trends.

The reports on the following topics were also heard during the meeting: "Marketing tools to increase newspapers and magazines sales in retail stores. Foreign Experience" and "Distribution of printed production in FMCG networks. Trends and development prospects".

Problems of quality during the distribution of a publishing content were raised in the speech of the head of publishing department of OJSC "The Kultura newspaper’s editorial" A. L. Gromadina and the presentation of new publications and projects of "Bauer Media" publishing house  presented S. V. Alekseyenko, General Manager of PH "Bauer Media".

Managing director of “Panini Rus Publishing” DY Kreslavsky spoke on peculiarities of collectible sticker’s sales. In the course of his speech a video revealing the features of a complex process of manufacturing labels was shown. The speaker demonstrated distinct of collections from patchworks, commented on the reasons for which distributors must comply with recommended retail prices of the publisher.

"De Agostini"’s General manager N. Skilakis spoke on "Patchworks - the present and the future". He talked about the evolution of patchworks in the world, the differences of patchworks from other periodicals, patchworks development in Russia, patchworks problems when creating and working with them, on the prospects of the company, etc.

The PDA conference’s second day completed the round table: "New technologies and tools to support the development and publishing and a distribution business." Meeting was chaired by current CEO of "World News", PDA board member  A.V. Avdonin.