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Does Russia need cyber police?

The Internet today except public information capabilities creates unprecedented crimes against the state, private companies and individuals. Cyber attacks paralyze the activities of major firms, electronic media; citizens are losing money due to various fraudulent schemes. Add to this bluff, slander and criminal operations, anti-human sites, etc.

It is natural that there is a need to create cyber police or another structure that could provide effective countermeasures to crime in the information environment.

The most striking example is Japan. The National Police Agency of Japan announced that the department of the police to combat cybercrime will be created with a staff of 140 employees, who will be recruited from the private sector and should know a foreign language, including Chinese and Russian. It is the responsibility of the unit to protect the electronic systems of government, military organizations, power plants and other critical facilities. It is noteworthy that at the end of last year, the Ministry of Security of Japan proposed to equate cyberspace of country to its territory.

In a similar way, though not as organizationally formalized, go other countries, such as USA and China. As Director of the Coordination Center for Internet National Domain Andrew Kolesenikov told "Izvestia", the U.S. government, Microsoft, Xerox, Google, and HP had their Centers of Computer Emergency Response. In the similar center, working in China, is drained all the information on all the incidents of cyber accidents on corporate and national scale, then the damage is minimized or eliminated. Besides that, the Center is engaged in education of citizens, makes recommendations on safe online behavior.

In Russia, such activities are concentrated in the Council of Federation, where a working group under the leadership of Senator Ruslan Gattarov prepared a draft cyber security strategy of Russia until 2020. Strategy involves combat such threats as information terrorism, cybercrime, the monopoly in Info Space to the detriment of the public interest, business and citizens.

There are shortcomings however, in this certainly useful and effective work. Pavel Rassudov, Chairman of Pirate Party noted that Russia's infrastructure is unprotected, based on the use of foreign "hardware" and software. If a cyber attack will be committed on Microsoft, it will result in the update of its programs, which will be harmful, it will affect the work of millions of computers.

In this case, it appears that the activities developed under the auspices of the Council of Federation, may be preceding-punitive. They will probably, like everything in Russia, be extremely costly, and selectively revealing. It is in Japan that only hundred and fifty cyber policemen will be used, while we can use ten times more. In Japan, as noted above, the area of cyberspace is recognized territory of the country, with all that it implies. How wewill estimate theRussiancyberspace– that’s a bigquestion.

There is a small, butfunny answer to this question.

Communications Ministry worried about the problem of self-regulation on the Internet and prepared a Concept on the legal regulation of this sector. A discussion paper put together more than 50 people, representing market operators, content providers, businesses, operating in the Internet, etc. The debate was stormy, but as a result "the mountain gave birth to a mouse." Namely - just changed the name of the document.Initially it was called the "Concept of legal regulation in the Internet", and after the discussion - "The concept of regulation of legal relations arising in connection with the use of the Internet." See the difference? It's all over the fact that our Vertical eventually takes some hated your Internet solution. Everyone will gasp and groan, but the road will not be back.

And I would ask the Japanese cyber policemen take on outsourcing service of the Russian Internet space, the benefit that they will know the Russian language. The result will be more efficient and therefore less expensive. And Japanese do not steal...

Alexanders Oskin blog