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Yaroslavl: From 1st of April the cost of land rent for the stalls will

According to the Resolution № 516 of Yaroslavl City Hall, from April the 1st,  the rent for the use of municipal land for businesses and institutions of all areas - trade, sporting, cultural, educational, social, health will be raised.

The decision suggests that the rates for the different objects will be different. The owners of mini-stores, pavilions, tents, booths and stalls will be in the most difficult conditions.

Payment for land leases for them now would be around 20 times the same - more than 10 thousand rubles instead of 600 before. For shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as children's educational institutions - art and music schools - the rental rates factor will increase about three times.

Municipal deputies oppose these changes, because they believe such an attempt to fill the city treasury is not the best option. Shlapak Constantine, head of the municipal commission for economy, has scheduled a meeting today with Dmitry Donskov on the issue. In Mayor’s office this position is explained by the fact, that the new rates are based on the analysis of the cost of land rent in other cities of Russia.