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The Russian electronic books market is estimated at 250 million rubles

In comparisonwith 2011 themarket for electronicbooks in Russia, according toexperts,is developing successfully andhas almostdoubled.

Such are the market estimations by Sergei Anuriev, CEO of "LitRes", who said that a large market share of its revenue comes from of e-books sales, around 200 million rubles a year.

Executive director of Internet publishers Vladimir Kharitonov agreed with Anuriev and he said, that there are about 20-22 million e-book readers in Russia (whether legally or illegally, they get an email reading).

Vladimir Kharitonov commented the methodology of evaluating the volume of the e-books market for "There is no precise information on the e-books sales, unfortunately, no one has. But there are several reasons for the assessment of the market, which, I believe, can be considered sufficiently reliable. Last year, speaking at the presentation of the MyBook project, Sergei Anuriev said that in 2012, "LitRes" holders will be paid an indemnity of 75 million rubles.

If so, on the basis of 50-60% interest, traditionally paid off by this aggregator, the "LitRes"’s turnover can be estimated at 120-150 million rubles. Its market share in the retail "LitRes" estimated at 60-70%. It follows that the retail market may be about 170-250 million rubles. Does "LitRes" include shares of the "Ozone" in the market assessment (in addition to "iMobilco" and Wexler, and possibly e-book sales of Russian publishers in the western areas through its partner MintRight), is not clear. But the turnover of the "Ozone" in e-books can be carefully estimated from some of the comments of the company representatives, at 30 million rubles".

Kharitonov also informed that the real market for electronic books, is probably much more than previously announced, and as he predicted, the particular segment of the book market will grow in the mode of doubling over the next few years: "I think that 250 million - it is even lower estimate, since an informal survey of publishers shows that a great many income from retail sales of e-books exceeded over 1%, and some even boast of 8-9%. In addition, to the total volume of the market there is a sense to include an undeclared, but obviously over zero income of Bookmate service...

There are indirect sales also, or more precisely, in fact e-books rent through aggregator-services of the electronic-library systems. Here the majority of publishers, who use third-party solutions or building their own systems, privately suggest that this channel accounts about 15% of the turnover of their press. I think those numbers are also important for the full picture of the market transformation. So I would be inclined to estimate at 250 million rubles as a reasonably cautious and maybe even understated. So it means that the tempo of annual doubling of the electronic books market is maintained. And I think that will be maintained for several years".