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Russian has become the second most popular language on Internet

Russian language came in second place in popularity on the Internet, slightly beating German. These are the results of W3Techs research.

Leading in the list of major languages of the worldwide network belongs to English, with 54.7 percent of the total number of pages and documents published. Russian and German languages have shares at 5.9 percent, but the Russian segment is bigger.

Next, with a lag of about one percentage follow Spanish (together with Castilian), French, Chinese and Japanese. At the same time, given only a thousand most influential global resources of network, Russian moves to the sixth row by popularity, skipping ahead Chinese (the study did not specify whether it is a one of its varieties, or their sum), French, German and Japanese.

In September 2011 the domain Ru. came into the first place in popularity among the national Romains, second only to zones com. and net. Despite the continued growth of sites in the ru. area, the su. area is also growing. Russian remains the most popular language in the domains of the largest countries of the former USSR – Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and others.