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"Media Distribution" company actively developing cross-merchandising in retail

Cross-merchandising is a technology in which the complementary goods are placed alongside each other, thus increasing sales. "MD" is actively working with its customers - network of hyper-and supermarkets - in the development of this promising trend, organizing promotional laying out of bestsellers according to their thematic identity.

Placing of the printed production in departments with other products boost the sales by increasing impulse purchases. Sales of circulation of newspapers, magazines and books laid out in accordance with the technology of cross merchandising are 2.5-3 times higher than the usual placement on standard equipment for display in the department of media products. This method is widely used in the promotion of hypermarkets "Selgros," where the specialized equipment  of magazines is displayed in different departments with non-food items.

The most promising direction to increase sales is an organizing of a joint calculation of newspapers, magazines and books on relevant topics in the following sections: products for children, groceries, cosmetics, perfumes, alcohol, household products, garden products, products for cars. For the  organization of  cross-selling of printed production, "Media Distribution" recommends the publication,s which became bestsellers in their focus groups in the end of 2012.