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Condé Nast Launches New Digital Advertising Program

There can be many benefits to consolidating your audience data into a unified grouping. For one thing, you're suddenly able to see common traits across brands and segmentation opportunities become all the more evident—important considering marketers are shifting their budgets into more data-driven buying.

Those are also primary reasons why Condé Nast is launching a new digital marketing platform it's calling Condé Nast Catalyst: Audience by Design.

Using Adobe's Audience Manager, the publisher has extracted data from what it calls its Preferred Subscriber Network—425,000 subscribers across its brands—to help segment its 55 million total subscribers into ten consumer groups that span multiple brands. The idea here is that Condé can now expand what might have been a one-site buy into a broader, multi-site campaign. 
We are using this data to better understand how our content resonates with different audiences,"  says Lou Cona, chief marketing officer at Condé Nast. "We can also provide insights to the advertisers to help them make better connections with our audiences."

American Express and Neiman Marcus are two companies that have so far signed on with the program.

The formula involves using print subscriber data to infer characteristics on the company's digital readers. "We are working with Adobe to connect our offline subscriber data to our digital audiences. This allows us to provide additional insights around brand behavior, psychographics and demographics amongst our brand loyalists," adds Cona.

The strategy essentially flips the focus from brand to audience—rather than selling a Vanity Fair reader, for example, Condé can sell the "Motor Maven," a new category of reader that's into luxury cars, but who also might read several different Condé titles.

The exercise has also uncovered a new audience bucket that's not attached to a particular brand. The "Lovemark Mom" catalyst group was formed from data collected from readers in spite of the fact that Condé Nast doesn't have any parenting titles.

The other audience groupings are characterized by high-end beauty and fashion product buyers, global travelers, consumer technology enthusiasts and single, social butterflies.

Source: Foliomag