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Partworks did not die, and they will live long enough

PlanetaSMI.RU asked the leading market experts to comment on current trends in the partwork market in Russia. The first answered Sergei Gavrilov, CEO of ARPI "Siberia".

- How popular is the partworks group today among the readers? Do you agree with the view that readers are satiated with this production?

- We must understand that partworks are seasonal goods. Collection lasts six months, a year, two years. This is not quite a mass media, this product is a temporary one, and as any temporary products - a niche.

The demand for the once popular themes, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Barbie, - is rather cyclical, because the target audience is growing up and every 5-7 years these collections can be updated and restarted with a good result. Products like books or music collections have a limited shelf life. Consider that partwork market is a market with good traditions in the western world. Therefore the theme partwork certainly is not dead. They have just passed a peak of popularity on the market, and will remain as a limited segment. In 2008-2010 patchworks made up to 50% of revenue. I think in the next few years partworks will never achieve such performance, but a significant share of 10-20% of the proceeds will occupy.

- What are the main problems of the distributors when dealing with thet hematic group “partworks”?

- They often do not try to analyze the product, they work with. On our classic market of kiosk networks and press distributors market one should not rush to extremes. Each segment should take a worthy place for it. If partworks are still interesting for buyers, though not in the quantities it was a few years ago, the distribution system should definitely work with the order, follow the overhead, not to try to halt the entire kiosk with partworks, thinking that it would be explosive demand. The explosive demand is not possible, because, as I said, this is a niche product.

- There is an opinion that when the reduction of demand for "partworks" happens, the "increased activity of the group in the distribution network" is taking place. How can one react on the situation?

- Any contractual relationship - is a contract between two parties. And if they you offer something persistently and you do not want to sell that, do not sell it. It is clear that publishers are a bit disingenuous when trying to implement classical European distribution model in Russia. Launching a product in Russia one should always consider the cost of the distribution process, and lay it to the model immediately, which will allow the development of the product and distributors will earn as well.

Yevgenia Trushina