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The Amur Region: „Russian Post” increased the rate for press for the publishers and will reduce the availability of the daily press for the citizens

"Russian Post" has increased the cost of delivery of regional, district and city newspapers, which are issued in the Amur region by 15%In connection with this the final cost of the subscriptionin the second half of 2013 will "grow up". Besides, the retail price of most of the local newspapers in postal kiosks"jumped" for a few rubles.

Office of the Federal Postal Service of the Amur region sent out to the regional, district and city newspapers information, that from the second half of the year the fee for accepting subscriptions and delivery of newspapers and magazines will be increased by 15%.

As publishers recognize, postal tariff indexation will ultimately affect the final cost of the subscription. How, is yet unknown. Newspapermen claim however that the whole subscription price growth in the second half of 2013 will not go beyond 10%.

Changed subscription price will be effective from April this year, when the basic subscription campaign will start. Meanwhile, readers of "Alpha-Teleport" newspaper have an opportunity to purchase a semi-annual subscription at the old price. From February to March is the early subscription campaign. Here the prices are approved and cannot be changed.

The local press has risen also in retail. "Russian Post" unilaterally "bumped" the retail prices of a number of regional and city newspapers that are printed in the Amur region. The cost of some editions "jumped" a few rubles. Cost of federal periodicals remained unchanged.

At the average Amur press at postal points of sale was raised by 1.5-3 rubles.

Publishers hope, that increased costs will not scare the readers who primarily appreciate quality of the newspapers.