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St.Petersburg: Commission on Culture will protect the Press kiosks

The Commission on Culture of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg supported the bill to postpone the demolition of press kiosks.

One of the authors of the document, a deputy Marina Shishkina, explained the problem to colleagues.

 •         "47% of the newspapers are bought at retail. Large retail does not distribute them, just gloss. Now about seven thousand kiosks are located in a legal vacuum. The contract can not be extended because there is no layout stalls. The old address program, they say, "soaked" them, and there is no new one ", - Shishkina said.

Let’s recall, that the bill was initiated by coming into force of the amendments to the law "On the Procedure for granting land for purposes not related to construction business." Lawmakers have proposed to postpone the distribution of land for non-capital trading facilities, which just reffers to press kiosks.

In particular, the layout of newspaper kiosks have not been approved by the administration till now. To protect them, the parliamentarians have suggested that new law came into force only after the establishment of an appropriate scheme for kiosks. However, this should not happen later, than by July of this year.

Earlier, deputy Marina Shishkina filed a similar appeal to the Governor Georgy Poltavchenko. She asked to defend the points, wich are distributing periodicals. In her opinion, the demolition of kiosks hit the publishers, but also reduce the availability of the daily press for the citizens.