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Protest action of «Chuvashpechat»

The first stage ofprotest actions of"Chuvashpechat” take place on February 28, an an "Italian strike" in a slightlyadaptedversion.

Among the basic demands of the largest distributor of periodicals in Chuvash Republic, including the full range of regional print media, it is stated the discontinuance of the practice of humiliating attitude to news-stands, which according to the organizers is manifested as follows:

а) rental prices after a complaint to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the current situation around the company, suddenly jumped to 10-12 times by increasing the area of adjacent territories;

b) there is a real threat to dismantle more than half of urban kiosks, the lease agreements are not renewed (in the best case a temporary rental is given until December 2013);

c) running stalls are put up for an auction (on a concept of taking from "Chuvashpechati" and propose for an auction on an equal rights with other participants);

d) from 3 to 4 years lasts an opening of new kiosks with a term of lease for one year, while being forced to pay a lot of money to various departments in the city administration, and eventually a final order granting the land is not produced;

e) an active campaign is provided to discredit the company (the mass opinion of the republic will be soon informed), false information (regarded as facts, bordering to the forgery) is provided to the higher authorities by city administration.

"Chuvashpechat" appeal to the people of the city of Cheboksary to support demands to the authorities. On February 28 in almost all kiosks of central and north-western parts of the city will be handed out leaflets with the requirements as well as signatures will be collected.

Also as part of the protest action, agreed with the Ministry of Interior in Chuvashia, satirical posters will be posted on the kiosks - with a variety of cartoons with different ridicules and requirements in A1 format. Only a few dozen types.