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PDA XXIV International Conference in Egypt

The PDA XXIV Internationa lConference"Printed and digital market: status, problems and trends" willbe heldin Egypt from April 6 to13, 2013.

The distribution of newspapers, magazines and books in retail kiosk networks, supermarkets and distribution of publishing content in the Internet will be discussed during the plenary sessions. These issues are submitted to consider in a view of the dominant trends in the branch, among them - the decline in consumer demand for printed materials, lowering of profitability, the active development of modern layouts of products, the lack of effective monetization of promotion of the publishing content in the Internet, etc.


Special consideration will be given to the analysis of the situation in the segment of the subscription, prospects of organization of subscriptions via mobile devices, the experience of events aimed at increasing interest in subscribing.

Conference participants will be able to exchange views on the peculiarities of the publishing and distribution business in the age of a large-scale digitization of mass media, efficiency of publishing programs to stimulate sales, advertising possibilities of new information media.

Program will include topics that reveal the nature of the impact of the Internet and modern IT-technologies in the print media industry. The economic problems of the industry, the relationship of the media community with the authorities, the situation in the regional press market will be the main topics of the discussion.

For the first time in recent years, the conference will propose to consider the issues of training and teach a personnel to work in different areas of the publishing business and distribution of periodicals.

As in previous conferences, the participants will have an opportunity to share their experience in the publication and distribution of printed materials in the regions, to make presentations of publishing projects. Meetings of the breakup groups, "round tables" are also planned during the Conference.