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Rental fee for metropolitan kiosks in underground passages will grow by more than 10 times

The city authorities have raised rental fees for entrepreneurs, whose stalls are located in the underground passages, upon the average, 11.6 times.

According to the calculations of the Central Supervisory Directorate of the City of Moscow (Glavkontrol), this will allow to increase revenues from the current 160 million rubles to 2 billion rubles. Traders are afraid not to drag out new charges and promise to roll their businesses. But officials insist that this is an empty threat: in the underground passages work mainly undertenants, who have paid market rates for a long time from now, the money just pass by the urban pockets.

In the 90’s the balance holder of underground passages „Gormost" concluded 169 lease agreements with 110 companies that divided the 1320 trading places among them. According to the individual entrepreneur Alexei Korovkin, owner of kiosks net, including underground passages, it became clear in mid-December, that "Gormost" will raise rental fees after the subway. He himself takes retail space for sublease from the management companies that rent the sites from "Gormost" and create the necessary infrastructure. The entrepreneur is not afraid of the increase of the rental fees - "it was expected."

But, as he says, "the devil is in the details." "If the pavilion costs 200 thousand rubles and now have to pay 10% more expensive - this is normal, "- he says. Where the rental fee is 40 thousand rubles, rental fee increases to 50% will make the business unprofitable. In such a situation, says Mr. Korovkin, tenants will seek a compromise with management companies to share the burden of rental fees increase. But, according to his anticipation, about 10% of the tenants will not pull out of charge and will withdraw from the underground passages.

Alexandra Golubeva, Anna Levinskaya