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Newspapers and magazines shows growth in the retail sector

"Media Distribution" company analyzed the sales of newspapers and magazines in thematic groups for the purpose of identification the dynamics of demand for periodicals.

Despite the fact that the demand for thematic groups varies substantially in each network, depending on its specific features, formats and commercial properties of the location, an increased demand for the following thematic groups is observed on the whole segment of the press distribution in supermarkets:

1. Publications for women - compared with 2011, the implementation of the circulation in 2012 has increased by 8%. This group is growing mainly due to mid-market publications. Very high sales results are observed at the brand new publication of last year - the «Allure». Other publications, like ID «Conde Nast»: «Glamour», «Glamour Pad», «Vogue», «AD», «Conde Nast Traveller», «Tatler» are of firm demand.

 2. Edition of the thematic group "Orchard, garden" have shown significant growth in the last year. Sales were increased by 27% in 2012 primarily due to a quantitative increase in this thematic group. The "Gardener" from ID "Bonnier Publications" and "Home and Garden" from ID "Beautiful Houses" are the sales leaders in this thematic group.

3. Culinary publications are still in high demand in supermarket chains. Sales growth in 2012 was over 20%. The absolute leaders in this thematic group are ID "Bonnier Publications" editions: "Gastronom", "School Deli", "Collection of Recipes" as well as «Jamie magazine» and «HlebSol."

4. Popularity of magazines for children is increasing. Sale of publications of this thematic group grew by 18%. The publications of ID "Egmont": "Princess", "Cars", "Smeshariki" and others, as well as the comics from "IDK-Media" are of high demand.

5. Also there is a positive trend of sales in the thematic group "Healthy Lifestyle". The publications «Shape», «Yoga» and "Healthy Lifestyle" are of high demand.

The negative growth in demand is observed in the subject groups: information and advertising (down 28%), computer (down 11%), patchwork (down 36%), photo / video / audio (down 14%), tourism and recreation (a decline of 6%).