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The new book ‘The State Support of the Print Media Abroad’ by Dmitry Martynov and Alexander Oskin

The PDA president Dmitriy Martynov and the PDA chairman Alexander Oskin presented their new book ‘The State Support of the Print Media Abroad’ on January 31st at the Savoy hotel. The representatives of the leading publishing houses, distribution companies, media market experts and journalists were in attendance.

The new book is the seventh one that these two authors collaborated on. The book focused on the state support of the print media and its distribution channels in a number  of foreign countries.

In this book Dmitry Martynov and  Alexander Oskin show how the state support of the print media industry plays a critical role in promoting the freedom of speech and expression across Europe and North America. 


The authors analyzed in detail how these foreign countries protect and support the national print media industry. The book emphasizes different ways in which the state supports print media abroad: from direct financial investments to more indirect ways such as favorable laws and regulations and benefits (tax, customs, postal, etc).


The book is intended for state employees at both the state and federal levels, print media market participants, politicians, and the general public.


According to the experts the time of this new book could not have been better as the print media industry is currently going through hard times in Russia.


Some of the strategies employed by other countries could work in Russia and in the long run help strengthen the national print media companies.


Dmitry Martynov and Alexander Oskin are planning on continuing to study and analyse print media markets both in Russia and abroad.