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„Ciber monday” in online store was a success!

Russian online stores similar to the United States organized a day of sales on January 28,which is called "Cyber monday". The event set discounts on all products.

The first working day after the weekend, coming immediately after the "Black Friday" - the day of sales in offline stores in the U.S. and other countries is called "Cyber Monday". In Russia, "Cyber monday" was held for the first time, at the initiative of the Association of Internet commerce companies (АКИТ).

An Internet store, one of the few stores that are not members of the Association, decided to participate in the campaign. It should be noted that made a worthy contribution to the consolidation of this day in Runet history!

This can be judged on the basis of the action results. Despite the fact that the site traffic compared with the average daily rates increased by 30%, the figure for the number of orders has increased by 107%, and increase of the index of the of orders amount was 117%. Thus, the "Cyber monday" more than doubled the online store’s daily working activity.

Discounts in "Cyber monday" particularly were accepted by buyers of books, children's goods and hobbies, these categories enjoyed the highest demand.  online store - one of the largest online resources in Russia, in the range of more than 1 million books and journals, many of which have an electronic version, and a wide range of periodicals from 1000 publishing houses in Russia and CIS countries. uses Russia's largest network of issuing orders to more than 100 cities.