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Google has removed the application Moon + Reader from its virtual store, receiving a complaint from "LitRes" to the fact that the program encourages the use of illegal content

From the Google Play store applications for reading e-books on devices running the operating system Android - Moon + Reader and its extended version Moon + Reader Pro were deleted. The reason was the complaint of "LitRes" (Russian online store for paid literature) that the users of the said application have access to illegal sites where they easily upload content whose copyrights are owned by the company.

Earlier, in late December 2012, for similar complaints of "LitRes" the application "Reader" in the AppStore was blocked. Developers have responded to this in the following statement: "We consider the charge inappropriate. Application "Reader" allows you to upload any text documents (not just books), from any sites and voice loaded text using speech synthesis. To keep the track from  which site (legal or illegal) the text was loaded, is not in our competence and remains at the user's discretion." However, theapplicationstillremainedblocked.

This incident triggered a strong reaction of the public internet. Some Internet users actively protested the actions of "LitRes" and decided to "take revenge", leaving negative feedback on a custom application of "Read!" in Google Play, to lower its rating. Other users who use the application for reading the electronic books are concerned that now in the queue for a lock may be other programs that provide access to an online catalog of books (OPDS).

The "LitRes"  company published an official comment on what is happening, which refers to the fact that despite the policy of comprehensive support programs for reading, the company protects the rights of the authors working with him, that’s why it’s opposed to applications that are pre-installed links to illegal libraries as the primary source for books: "In the case of Moon + Reader, CoolReader and" Reader" applications we sent complaints to Google Play and AppStore to the fact that in all these programs default links to illegal content sources were offered to users. Of the owners of the programs listed above only CoolReader application’s administrator came in touch with us, with whom we are solving the problems promptly. The rest of the programs after a period set aside by regulations of Google Play and AppStore on the developer's reply had been temporarily removed from the sites."