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Prefecture of NWAR* eliminates more than 50 press objects

More than 50 press objects, located In North-Western administrative region of the capital are due to be demolished. This was announced on January 31st meeting held by the Deputy Prefect Nikolay Zveryev with representatives of small and medium businesses. According to entrepreneurs present at that event, they were irresponsibly cheated.

Around 60 businessmen including press and books merchants participated in the meeting. Declared a day before agenda – the “withdrawal of retail properties, including press kiosks from the transport hubs zones” was immediately clarified. Deputy Prefect of NWAR Nikolay Zveryev in his speech during the opening of the meeting said: only those entrepreneurs, whose work on the territory of the administrative region will not be continued soon, are invited to today’s event.

According to the further discussion and representatives of small and medium businesses, the reason for the incident lays in the banal bureaucratic delays, which covers neither more than less, the redistribution of the retail trade in Moscow.

This story lasts for years. Back in late 2011 the entrepreneurs, who have ended their contracts for the right to trade and land lease, had applied to appropriate authorities for an extension of the approvals. But Moscow Land Committee, converted to the Department of Land Resources Moscow Land Committee (Moskomzem) no longer required paperwork from the entrepreneurs for the land rental. Now all contractual relationships entrepreneurs had to line up with the prefecture. And on this basis, all previously signed lease contracts by the Department of land resources were terminated unilaterally, sometimes even without notice to entrepreneurs.

From the moment of transfer of small retailers objects from Moskomzem to prefectures subordination (in the second half of 2011), they became “non-stationary trading facilities” (NTF) instead of “non-capital commercial properties”.

However, to include the kiosks, which stood sometimes for many years in the same place, in the preparing schemes of a new transport hubs (TPU) it is necessary to renew the contracts for accommodation. Renewal is done on the basis of previously issued contracts, which – as mentioned above, even in 2011 were canceled by the officials of the Department of land resources unilaterally.

In the spring of 2012 the Prefecture of NWAR although included formally all the media objects in the dislocation scheme, but up to this day has not signed agreements with the entrepreneurs for the installation of no stationary commercial objects. As it was pointed out during the meeting – because of awaiting instructions from the Department of commerce, who promised to introduce the new rules in the new 26-PP edition.

Thus, because of bureaucratic confusion, 51 commercial press retail objects are to be eliminated on the territory of the NWAR of Moscow city.


*NWAR - North-Western Administrative Region