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St. Petersburg is four times behind Europe in provision of newsstands

The deputies of the St. Petersburg parliament will establish a working group to make changes to the ordinance of the city government and "make life easier" for the newsstands.

According to IA REGNUM correspondent’s report today, January 29, these are the results of hearings on "The preservation and development of the infrastructure of print media in St. Petersburg", held up in the Mariinsky Palace, and organized by the Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg on Education, Culture and science.

President of the Association of Publishers and Distributors of the Northwest and the Baltic Region "Baltic press" Irina Vasilyeva told MPs today that in St. Petersburg, 12% of the circulation of periodicals is distributed by subscription, 18% - through network supermarkets and gas stations, 24% sold out Newspapers in mini-markets and 46% - in the stands. 34.3% of residents of St. Petersburg are regular buyers of newspapers and magazines.

There are about 1,000 newsstands in the city. If you take the standard adopted for European cities - one stall per thousand inhabitants, then St. Petersburg is 4 times behind this figure. Herewith, the richest range of printed products, is most often sold in kiosks. The declining profitability and reducing of circulation are major economic problems for print media store chains.

Representatives of the relevant committees of the city government - business development and consumer markets, energy and engineering, press and media relations, city property management and land resources, as well as representatives of companies - owners of street poles mains support were participating in these discussions.