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The future of the Russian media market in 2020

There are too many newspapers and magazines in Russia: there are approximately 70 000 print publications, about one-third of them is available for purchase on regular basis. Germany has only 6 000 newspapers and magazines, Vietnam has just a hundred newspapers.

A lot of Russian publications get created for wrong reasons and hence there is no demand for them. Wealthy businessmen and large corporations publish their own magazines to express their political views or for promotional purposes. Roskomnadzor registers about 100 new media outlets every week, including a couple dozens of print media ones.

About 10 newspaper kiosks get demolished daily. The constantly decreasing number of kiosks creates a huge challenge for the Russian print publications. As without appropriate distribution channels, the newspapers and magazines will not be able to reach consumers. 

In 2012 the sales of print publications went up in some European countries, UK and France in particular. According to the Association of Magazine Media,135 million more people started reading magazines in the last year. 

The recent publication "Retail distribution of periodicals in Russia up to 2020" (can be found on the PDA website) focuses on the innovations that the print media market will undergo in Russia. The authors of the above mentioned publication would like to see the traditional newspaper kiosks being replaced with multimedia facilities which will be providing comprehensive information services to the public. These new multimedia facilities will also be an important educational resource especially for young people.

In general, the predictions for the print media market for 2020 are very optimistic as long as the government provides the required support and does not create unnecessary obstacles to the industry and its distribution channels.