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The Ministry of Communications will support Russian Post in development of subscribtion

The Ministry of Communications is  making efforts to ensure the balance of interests of the Russian Post, publishers and readers in the development of the subscription. That was stated by the Deputy Minister of Communications Aleksey Volin at a conference “Perspectives of regional digital television and print media”, held on January 24th in Nizhny Novgorod.

It initiated a number of meetings on the issue of subscription and distribution of print media, which will be held in Russian regions during 2013.

„Subscription play an important role for the Post of Russia and is a socially significant factor as well. Despite the fact, that the Post pays attention to this issue, there is a dissatisfaction with the situation with subscription to the print media,"-said Aleksey Volin.

The need to modernize the subscription has been scheduled long time ago. Last six years the postal operator does not increase rates for delivery of the periodicals. From 2008 to 2011 the Post received 10.6 billion RR subsidies from the state, while the losses of businesses, related to the unprofitability of the implementation of subscription services exceeded 14.7 billion RR. The losses of the enterprise from the provision of services by subscription were compensated by only 55% in 2011.

However, the subscription campaigns of deterring the tariffs by the Post, stimulating the development of special programs demonstrate the stability and in recent years also even a small increase. Thus, in 2012 the subscription circulation was increased by 0.6% compared with the previous year, in 2011the gap between the amount of circulation sold at retail and subscription was reduced. This was achieved by decrease of amount of sold printed press and increasing newspapers and magazines subscriptions.

In order to increase subscription circulation, federal postal operator together with the Ministry of Communication and Rossvyaz developed a program of subscription of periodicals infrastructure modernization back in 2009. However the state support system is required for it’s implementation, without which it’s impossible to bring a balance of interests between Post of Russia, publishers and users of subscription services.

Press Service of the FSUE Russian Post