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Men's magazines cheapened by the end of 2012

Although men's information and entertainment magazines are only about 1% of all the thematic groups of periodicals sold on, they are certainly an important segment of the press market. Besides, over the past three years men’s interest in the Russian magazines of world brands is not quenched, and against the total annual 12 percent increase in the price of periodicals, the price of men's gloss for the year 2012 is increased by only 6%. What is more, the supermarkets became a driver of growth, where periodicals for men grew over the year by 20%.

Changes in value of the thematic group publications from January to September was not deviated from the general trend: moderate growth in the first half of the year and a significant price increase in the 3rd quarter. However, over the last three months men's magazines are one of the few groups whose prices have fallen. On average, they have decreased by 5%.

It is important to note that the change in retail prices for the analyzed period varies at press retail outlets depending on the media retail properties format. For example, in supermarkets, the price tag on any of the sampled media monitoring was not changed. And only in a few press mini-markets publications such as Esquire and Men's Health (mini), you could buy at 5-6% lower than in the previous quarter. On the other hand the prices on most glossy mags in some networks kiosks were decreased. For example, GQ, Men's Health, Maxim and Playboy were worth 8-9% cheaper.

The monitoring of retail prices conducted by experts also showed that at the beginning of 2013 it’s more profitable to acquire men's glossy magazines on newsstands - their prices on average are lower for 10% than in supermarkets, and by 7% - in the specialized press mini-markets.