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Moscow’s printed mass media sector stands for tobacco sales in press kiosks

This year January 21st the working meeting of general managers of Moscow city’s press retail sales was held in PDA.

The meeting raised concern about the difficulties encountered to the recommendations of "Spraviedlivaja Rossia" party’s amendments to the draft law "On the protection of public health from exposure to the surrounding tobacco smoke and the effects of tobacco use" on the passage in State Duma.

According to the industry, this resistance is caused by lack of understanding of the specifics of press kiosks functioning in Moscow and other cities in Russia by a number of deputies and also as a need of presence of tobacco products in all fine retail outlets.

For the media objects tobacco wares are traffic generating products and draw people to the kiosk to buy newspapers, magazines and books. Ban on the sale of tobacco wares in the press kiosks will lead to falling circulation of newspapers and magazines by 20-30%, which in the fall of demand of population for the media can be a disastrous factor in the system of distribution of printed materials in the country. We must take into account that at present Russia has 31,000 press kiosks, through which over 1 million copies of newspapers, magazines and books are sold annually. That network plays an important role in the formation of a single information space in the country and providing the information security of the state.

We believe that the presence of tobacco products in shopping centers small retailers, including the press, is a vital factor in the existence of the country's small and medium-sized businesses in trade and we support in this matter the position of Russian public organization "Opora Rossii", the Interregional Trade Union of Entrepreneurs and All-Russia Movement "Coalition of kioskers". We perceive the ban on tobacco sales in retail as irrational and populist measure, which in any case will not lead to a reduction in tobacco sales, but rather it will increase it, as people will buy not one or two packs of cigarettes in the supermarkets, but one or two blocks in store, which will be smoked much faster than one pack. Moreover, in Europe in order to combat smoking introduce sale of single cigarettes, and the sale of the product to minors is prohibited.

According to the industry, the preservation of tobacco sale without laying it on display and under tight control of the implementation of this product sale exclusively to adult population is essential for the preservation of country's press kiosks, like the rest of the small retailers.

This argumentation was unanimously supported by the participants of an industry meeting at PDA. It was decided to send a letter on the matter to the Chairman of the State Duma  S. Naryshkin to support an exceptional sale of tobacco products in the press kiosks in order to preserve the system of press distribution.

 Source: PDA