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There is no place to buy a newspaper in residential areas of Moscow

Moscow ia a great city, but there is nowhere to buy the daily press! The Press Distribution Association (PDA) decided to check, whether there is enough press kiosks for the residents of Moscow.

Point is that according to the decision of the city authorities every 1000 residents of Moscow  should account for 10 square meters of retail space in the press kiosks. Simply put one kiosk for 1000 residents.

So, wecalculatedandwhatwehave? Only 3 sq. meters of kiosks per thousand residents – which is three times less than the set norm! Moreover: 10 squaremetersrateisobservedonlyinthreeout of 125. And in some of them there is only 1/10 of kiosk area for 1000 residents! Why is this happening? Who is to blame and what to do?


- The appearance of new press kiosks and normal operation of the old ones are hindered by the council bureaucrats, told Alexander Oskin, CEO of PDA to “Komsomolka”. The fact is, that the profitability of the newspaper kiosks is quite low. We don’t have such revenues as fruit, shaurma and beer merchants. And in contrary to them do not give bribes to local officials. It is more profitable for the local councils to have these merchants on their territories to gather monthly tribute from them. And what you can take from the press? That's why they don't let us work.

The second reason for a lack of kiosks, according to Alexander Vladimirovich, is the general stupidity of legislation. You need to collect exactly 32 bureaucratic signatures to put a single  newspaper kiosk: Rospotrebnadzor* Federal Service, fire control, the same heads of councils,  etc. In the end, it takes from one to three years to receive only the permit!

Plus for the kiosk itself and its installation from 600 to 800 thousands rubles must be paid.

And then - rent, taxes, salaries Stallman, drivers every month ... In general, the costs - for many millions, the income is very modest (newspapers are cheap), so the new companies in the press distribution business rare appear.

The third problem – strange initiatives of the authorities. In Moscow, for example, kiosks were transposed from public transportation stops.

Allegedly drivers, who stop at a kiosk to buy a newspaper, do not give the bus drive up and disembark passengers and generally create plug, says Alexander Oskin. - But I have never seen a situation like this. Officials just feign it!

We defended the stalls at public transport stops, but there is a new attack. Antobacco law, which provides the State Duma, implies a ban on the sale of cigarettes in press kiosks.

- But the cigarettes buyers create a traffic, i.e. customer flow. A man bought a pack of cigarettes, and with it, the newspaper - explains Oskin. - If the sale of cigarettes in kiosks ban, many stalls will just go bankrupt. A cigarette money will go to large retailers, the supermarkets, which are already not in a trouble.

Where is theway out?

*Rospotrebnadzor - Federal service on customers' rights protection and human well-being surveillance

Source: PDA