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"Yandex" has won on a foreign field

The share of search engine queries among Google's Chrome browser users for the first time exceeded 50%.

The share of "Yandex" in search queries of Chrome users in the last two weeks of 2012 reached 50.2%, while in the previous three months it was 48.8%, according to the "Renaissance Capital" report, which, in turn, refers to the LiveInternet data. On the contrary, Google's share among users of Chrome, decreased from 36.3 to 35.3%.  In the meantime, Google is the default search in Chrome from November 2011.

Increase in the proportion of "Yandex" users in Chrome is due primarily to the popularity of its own "Yandex Chrome" browser (where "Yandex" search accounts for 89%), explains LiveInternet founder German Klimenko. According to the "Renaissance" research, we are talking about those who use not only direct Chrome, but also all browsers, based on the Chromium source code (such as "Yandex.browser" and "Internet" from However, in the Chrome itself there are more "Yandex" fans than Google: 45% versus 41%.

Klimenko suggests that "Yandex" works actively with distribution, negotiating to stimulate the installation of "Yandex" search  with developers of popular programs. The "Yandex" representative Ochir Mandzhikov refused to confirm or disprove this assumption. The quality of search is important, and it is growing, he says.
Chrome is strategically important for "Yandex". Chrome grows rapidly - for the last two years it’s shares on the Russian market increased almost three times: in January 2011 it was 8.6%, and by December 2012 - 23.5%. Chrome is also installed by default on mobile devices with Android (according to MTS, last fall 62.6% of all smartphones sold in Russia worked on Android). As soon as the proportion of "Yandex" in Chrome decrease, the share of the search engine on the Russian market as a whole began to fall too: from January 2011 to January 2012 it decreased by 4.8 percentage points to 59.6%, while Google has increased by 4 percentage points to 25.9% (according to LiveInternet). By the end of 2012 "Yandex" managed to fight back: now it shares - 60.5%, while Google and - 26,6 and 8,4% respectively.

Source: Vedomosti