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Samara postal workers, received seven mobile post offices (MPO) on the basis of UAZ and GAZ cars. The “capacity” of one such center is able to replace around five permanent post offices in rural areas.

Mobile offices are furnished and equipped according to the unified standard, with all the necessary technology and navigation facilities. Maximum convenient conditions are created for postal workers and customers: comfortable furniture, information stands, point-of-sale terminal, air conditioning and even a refrigerator.

New cars came to the Samara region as a centralized project of implementation of mobile post offices. In the years to come about thousand MOP’s will drive the country. The Russian Post plans to spend about two billion rubles on this project. Mobile postal units will enable the staff to provide mail services to far and remote areas, and small towns.

This  January two cars will reach the clients at Bezenchukskaya and Neftegorsky post offices of Samara region. Three days a week they will serve at the settlements Verkhne-Sjezzhee, Korneevka, Pervokommunarsk, Trofimovka, Sharipovka, Subbotinskoe, Nesmeyanovka, Tolstovka, Vladimirovka, Mylnoe, Pokrovka, Troickoe, Privolny. Another five postal cars are waiting for the approval of their routes.