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Moscow authorities will not renew work permits for about 20% of the press kiosks in 2013

Moscow authorities will not extend the 2013 work permits for about 20% of the individual  distributors of newspapers and magazines and will hold a new tender.

 "The city’s Media and Advertising Department has decided not to renew the permit on 143 routes of "ruchniki" distributors in 2013, which is about 20% of the total number of individual distributors of newspapers and magazines. This decision was prompted by the extremely poor quality of their work on the streets, failure of the approved route and numerous claims as to the organization of retail outlets, as well as to their appearance "- according to the report.

City’s Media and advertising department is going to announce an open competition for the press trader’s rights on these 143 routes in early 2013, as highlighted in the report, to ensure smooth distribution of daily news publications in Moscow.

As stated in the department, The Press Distribution Association together with the leading Moscow operators in the market have earlier repeatedly drawn attention of companies dealing with the individual press traders, on inadmissibility of "irresponsible attitude" to their organization.

As recalled in the department, recently “trays” and "ruchniki" were one of the main forms of press distribution in Moscow, but in recent years the situation in the press trade has changed strongly.

"This format gives way to specialized facilities - kiosks and press stalls – or they are replaced by machines. Total number of “trays” and "ruchniki" for the last 10 years has decreased to two or three times, and according the 2012 data, they accounted for about 7.5% of the press objects and about 7% of sales in terms of value against the 35-40% in 2004 ", - according to the report.