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Moscow Transport authorities dangerous initiative

PDA received an information about another initiative of Moscow Department of Transportation and Development of road and transport infrastructure. It’s about a program of measures to increase the capacity of the road network as a part of the Municipal Programme “For the development of the transport system of the city" and the resolution of the Government of Moscow from September 6, 2011 № 413-PP "On the formation of the transport hubs in the city of Moscow."

Understanding the necessity for these activities to improve the transportation situation in the city, PDA, at the same time, apprehend that the implementation of this program might cause serious damage for the interests of the citizens and guests of the capital on account of eliminating an important and vital areas of retail trade and services, including newspapers, magazines and books selling. We estimate, that the capital’s media market will lose up to 40% of it’s turnover in case of liquidation of press shopping facilities in the 200-meter zone of TIN in 2013 and falling circulation of newspapers and magazines can be up to 50%.

Prefectures of administrative districts are asked to identify a list of third-party sites, including retail trade, subject to withdrawal from the territory of TIN (scheduled for settlement in 2013), within 200 meters from the entrance to the subway or r/w platform and submit timetable for the withdrawal of these facilities to the Department of overhaul of the city of Moscow no later than February 1, 2013. Herewith, besides the Department of overhaul of the city of Moscow, an additional 50 TIN will settle by "Russian Railways" JSC. It should be noted that this is actively carried out in several prefectures already. Thus, in Eastern administrative district press distributors (“Cardos” Group, “MK-Service” JSC, “Press for everyone” JSC) received orders to move their stalls to new places by December 17, 2012.

With this kind of organization of this work there is a serious danger, that a large number of retail trade objects will be outside the TIN, which can cause irreparable blow to small businesses and established system of common trade in the capital .
In our opinion, it is necessary to have an open discussion of these issues with representatives of the Government of Moscow and the business community with the obligatory presence of the principal performers, namely the heads of relevant prefectural administrative districts in an atmosphere of openness and transparency.


TIN - transport interchange nodes