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European self-publishing platform XinXii enters Russian market


Self-publishing and e-book distribution platform XinXii has officially launched in Russia, letting local indie authors publish and sell their digital titles in shops worldwide. High demand among Russian users, who previously had to work with an English version, led to XinXii’s decision to launch in Russia the first platform in its way.

After a two-month test-run in Russia, XinXii has officially opened its publishing platform for writers and readers at The service offers authors to upload their books and sell them for a price they think is appropriate (but no less than 40 rubles).

Russian has become the eighth language for XinXii, after English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese. The system allows users to pay and get paid in Pounds, US dollars, and Euros. The service stays free of charge for authors, taking its commission from every sale. From the net sale of books from its own shop that cost more than 80 rubles, XinXii takes 30%, while for cheaper ones the commission is 60%.

Currently, the XinXii’s eBook shop offers nearly 20,000 titles by more than 10,000 authors. XinXii provides authors with statistics of sales, views and downloads of the product and the ability to convert a digital book in a convenient format. All these services are free of charge.

The company's goal is the self-publishing development in Europe and the quality independent literature distribution’s support.