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Non /fictio№ 14 Book Fair attracted 32,000 visitors

Non/fiction’s organizers admitted that this year’s book fair corresponded for the first time with its concept of "smart literature fair" thanks to the active participation of independent publishers.

The 14th Book Fair of intellectual literature Non/fiction ended December 2, 2012 was called the best one many years by participants. At this year's event there were a lot of independent Russian publishing houses, which issue small circulation of "smart" literature. 25 of them received grants from Rospechat and spent this money on the collective stand of the Independent Publishers Alliance organization, where they presented their products. That’s why Non/fiction has for the first time realized the original concept to promote intellectual literature.

“No one has expected this effect. Speaking honestly, some years ago Non/fiction as all other fairs was in crisis. With this level of attention by writers, both Russian and foreign, and the number of visits it is a major quality literature trade fair in Moscow today. I think that the fair was very successful. I am pleased not only as the member of the advisory council but also as a bookseller", said to RIA Novosti Boris Kupriyanov, one of the Independent Publishers Alliance ideologues.

Altogether 300 publishers and guests attended Non/fictio № 14 Book Fair and more than 150 events (books’ and projects’ presentations, meetings with authors, round tables) took place. 32,000 people in all attended the forum.